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Designs By Artisans LLC provides a complete line of architectural services for large or small scale residential project. We are recognized for reliable technical expertise and design excellence. With a qualified team of designers, builders and contractors, Designs by Artisans has successfully managed a diverse range of residential and commercial building projects within Fairfield and Litchfield counties..

Designs By Artisans LLC seeks to integrate practical design solutions through a variety of services that includes:

  • Project conception
  • Schematic design
  • Project development
  • Construction documents
  • Construction bid
  • Construction project management
  • Interior design
  • Renderings
  • Zoning and building permit application

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Design and Build Plans that are cost effective and efficient

Designs by Artisans is committed to working closely with clients to see that the end result is everything they dreamed it would be. Artisans also strives to design within a client’s budget while maintaining the highest industry standards.

Designs by Artisans can help you achieve the most cost-effective and exclusive designs that meet the needs of your project from start to finish. Working with an experienced designer on your construction project helps to avoid delays and errors. Artisans offers a personalized, hands-on approach that is rarely found in larger firms.

Why do you need an Architect?

Hiring a designer to help guide you through a residential renovation project , such as new family room / kitchen extension , or second floor bedroom addition. It can also minimize costs in the long run and allow you to achieve the full potential of your home in Ridgefield , Wilton or New Canaan.

The benefits of hiring an designer are endless. They not only help you navigate the labyrinth of design options but are able to foresee and prevent potential complications. A professional Architect will save you a lot of stress, time and money. They will work tirelessly so you can achieve your desired result and will help with the following:

Zoning approvals:

Having a complete understanding of zoning, health and wetlands regulations is a must for any building project. Artisans’ professionals can guide you through the maze of regulations, assuring that your project will be completed without unnecessary complications and saving you time, money and disappointment. Artisans works tirelessly so that you can achieve your project goals.

Custom design:

Artisans’ years of creative expertise and countless completed projects ensure that you will be guided through the entire process with personalized and experienced attention. Artisans can assess your ideas and needs while taking into consideration more practical matters, such as budget constraints and property limitations. Be assured that your project will exceed your expectations without raising unnecessary construction costs. 15. Oversee and Manage the Project: third sentence – replace “an designer” with “an architectural designer”

Oversee and manage the project:

As a homeowner, you’ll notice that overseeing a construction project is a lot of work and can cause an enormous amount of anxiety. You won’t be losing your artistic input by hiring an designer. If anything you’ll be saving yourself a lot of headaches. You are not getting paid to manage your design project or deal with minor issues. A professional manager will keep your creativity flowing and the stress at bay.